"Come join us and experience the culture and artistry of the of the Native American people at the Sarasota Native American Indian Festival. Enjoy finding authentic, handmade, one-of-a-kind fine arts and crafts, paintings, pottery, jewelery, sculpture, bead work and leather work, along with Native American food."

The 2018 Sarasota Native American Indian Festival takes place January 19, 20,21 2018 at the Sarasota Fairgrounds, 3000 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota, 34237


Friday 9-5, Sat 10-6, Sun 10-5.

Adults $8, Children 6-12 $4, 5 and under free


Rick Bird and the Bird Choppers are returning as our host drum this year.

Richard Bird is known in the professional wrestling world as Rick Youngblood and has had a long successful career as a wrestler.

Rick's drum is known as the Bird Chopper.” Bird which is named after his Cherokee ancestor who fought for the Cherokee lands, "if it wasn’t for the ancestor’s steadfast opposition, the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina may not have ever been formed."

Rick is always working with children, passing the culture to the next generation.  He will be bringing the newest members of his grandbaby tribe, who are all learning the dances, drum and flute in the circle. We are excited to see them again...


We are also honored to have three generations of the Mose family joining us this year, Allen Mose Sr., Allen Mose Jr,, and O Jay Moz.  Rex and Allen Jr. became friends after Allen performed as the guest artist in the 2010 Indian Market.

Allen often shared with Rex about his young son Orian Jay, who was learning the songs and dances and how Rex inspired him. That young man is now an accomplished traditional singer and dancer and will be joining us this year.


Allen Mose Sr. is a traditional painter and educator. His work is a beautiful reflection of his people.

Life and art are the same for Allen Mose. “It is hard for me to isolate art: in the Native American world, art is part of life.”

He became a professional artist on the day he was discharged from the U.S. Military service: June 3, 1980. He was told his grandmother was near death, and he drew a picture of her which attracted the attention of other artists. He did not need to find another career.

Mose strives to incorporate his traditional navajo beliefs into his work. He uses a variety of media: charcoal, acrylic, oil, watercolor and his favorite, pastels. “Pastels,” said Moe, “are the pure pigment, the pure essence of color. You can mix them with a binder for watercolor or with oil.” When he does a paste, he uses the soft pastel first, then the medium, and then the hard for the details. He is very particular to make the details authentic. He says the young are not learning the traditions and the old are dying out, so it is his mission to keep the tradition pure.


Allen Mose Jr, (Navajo) Grammy Award Winning and Nammy Nominated Singer, Performer, Composer, Lecturer and Jeweler. Originally from the Navajo Nation. He is known across Indian Country as a respected pow wow singer/ song writer. For the last several years Allen has created his own new style of singing that has earned him listeners from across the globe. Allen has drawn upon his rich Navajo Indian heritage in establishing a reputation as one of North America’s foremost Native American Recording Artists.


Orian Jay Mose, (Navajo). Son of famed singer Allen Mose Jr, Orian is “The Youngest Native American Recording Artist In The History Of Native American Music”
and also “The First and Youngest Navajo To Be A Professional Recording Artist In The Main Stream Music Industry.”
He sings a blend of Northern Plains style with elements of Navajo social singing and presents songs that capture the excitement and energy of native youth across the country today. He is well known through out Indian Country as an accomplished native youth singer and a champion youth .

Here is "Holistic Blessing"


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Bird Chopper's, 2011, 2012

Rick and his family were with us in 2011, 2012 and it's great to have them back. Here are a few memories from those years...Rick and the Bird Choppers, Rick with his grandson, Kevin Locke also joined us that weekend...2012










Rex left us with lots of beautiful video of him  sharing chants, songs, wisdom and lots of laughs. Rex and Kevin Locke, Rex and Traci Snowe, Rex with Dave Farnham and General Grant.







Here  are few pics from 2011...Buffalo Child shared his hoops with us all weekend, Little BigMountain and his encampment, Rex with Randal and Sandie,

and of course Rex being goofy...





This  video clip from 2011  is titled "Throat of the Eagle", a story told by Rex. This clip has been left uncut or audio edited...



For more information on Rex's artwork please visit...http://www.firstfeathergallery.com

In Honor of Rex A. Begaye

Rex Begaye

The Sarasota Native American Indian festival will continue to be a tribute to the extraordinary life of Dine'h (navajo) artist Rex A. Begaye, its founder.  Rex's remarkable gifts as a painter and educator were the inspiration for this event, focusing on bringing authentic Native American culture to Sarasota.