2019 Sarasota Native American Indian Festival January 18,19,20 Sarasota Fairgrounds

Come join us and experience the culture and artistry of the Native American people

at the 12th annual Sarasota Native American Indian Festival

January 18,19,20 at the Sarasota Fairgrounds.



We are excited to share that Robert Mirabal will be joining us. Robert is a Pueblo Native American flute player and maker from Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. He began making flutes at the age of 19, and his flutes are world renowned. Robert performs world wide, sharing flute songs, tribal rock and writings/storytelling. He resides on Taos Pueblo and participates in the traditional ways and rituals of his people. Aside from his artistic talents Robert is a father and a farmer.

A true renaissance man, Robert has dedicated his life to expressing himself through his art. He has a unique talent for merging mystical elements of ancient cultures with modern influences in his music. He keeps a foot in both worlds, effortlessly drawing upon both for inspiration. Robert brings the traditional sounds and culture of his people to share with Sarasota for a unique event we will all remember.

Welcome back Red Boys who are our host drum this year.  

We watched these guys grew up on the powwow circuit and are honored to have them as they represent the next generation of traditional drummers, dancers and cultural educators. They will be doing demonstration dancing as well as crowd participation dances and education through out the weekend.

We also have Anthony Aleman who has been playing and hand-crafting Yadaki(digeridoo) for over 13 years, and has an incredible passion for the history and deep traditions behind what many experts consider to be the oldest instrument in the world–the didgeridoo."Please explore Anthony's instruments and music at westwindvibes.com

We also have JJ Otero from the Dine'h(navajo) Hopi nation. JJ is a Nammy award winning Guitarist along with a fine metal and wood smith...

JJ Brings the Native B

lues guitar to the mix...

Guest artist coming from Jemez New Mexico is Jemez Pueblo sculptor.  I have learned the secret of the stone through my cultural and ancestral teachings. Based in Native American themes, my work shows pride for the Pueblo culture and a deep understanding of the inherent spirituality of the stone. I have chosen stone as my medium of expression because it is a combination of the basic elements of the earth. I feel the honesty and purity of this most basic of material permits me to express myself from the heart and to express the spirit that Native people respect an revere as embodied in the stone.  Please visit Cliff's website here for his current available artwork...https://www.singingstonestudio.com/

Cliff is also an accomplished percussionist. JJ and Cliff will be performing together...


We are honored to have Sicanni Purizaca from the Incan nation joining us this year. Sicanni is a Musician who bases his music on spirituality that intends to touch The Soul in order to create a better world ruled by LOVE. He also compose his own music and has been playing the Native American flutes and Native Peruvian flutes for 25 years , He is also a Native American Model and Actor. Find more of Sicanni's music here

Enjoy finding authentic, handmade, one-of-a-kind fine arts and crafts, paintings, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, bead work and leather work, along with traditional dancing,  singing, drumming, story telling and Native American food.

We also have General Grant from the Cherokee nation. General is one of the few master wampum artists of his generation.


You can find General's jewelry here... http://traditionalhands.com/

The art of Kimberly Bugg. Kimbery works in many mediums and is known for her beadwork skills...


Onondaga stone carver and leather artist Dave Farnham. Dave lives in Canada and is know for his soapstone sculptures and leather work.

                                                                                                                                    Lola Rios Swimmer will be joining us

with her feather artwork and paintings...

Find more of Lolas artwork here...http://www.artsthatspeak.com/lola-rios-swimmer.html

The artwork of Cheyenne drum maker and leather artists Harry and Barbara Duran..


Sandy Buttry from Inner Mountain Stones & Wood will be joining us. Sandy is a gifted wire wrapper and natural material artist...her stone, goard and elemental art pieces are all one of a kind pieces...

Our Flute makers this year are...

We have Utah Farris joining us. Utah has been on the Native American flute maker scene for a lot of years...his flutes are some of the finest...

We also have Ray Woods from Island Flutes coming back this year...welcome back Ray! You can get lots of other supplies at Ray's Island Flutes booth...


This festival will continue to be a tribute to the extraordinary life of artist (the late) Rex A. Begaye, its founder. His remarkable gifts as an painter and educator of Native American culture were the inspiration for this event focused on bringing authentic Native American culture to Sarasota. 

Purchase Tickets  here or at the gate, $8 adult, $4 children 6-12, 5 and under are free. Hours are 10-5 saturday, 10-6 Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday. For tickets and info:

Sarasotanativeamericanindianfestival.com pobsrq@gmail.com facebook/sarasotanativefest 941-928-7892.